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Aavistus, a being of pure darkness, he roams the galaxy through powers of unknown limit. He may even be limitless in terms of raw power. His motives are as mysterious as his methods. Also, he's a bad guy. Scaaaary baaaaad shadow man.
Captain Fabulous, stout defender of things. What, specifically, is unknown. He has randomly changing superpowers, acquiring everything from invulnerability to the power to turn himself into bunny slippers. Never gets the same power twice, but uses his keen mind and leadership skills to make sure he's useful in any situation. Doesn't deal with loss very well.
Dave, the World's Coldest Floor is weird. That's all there is to it. He's more of an aged juvenile delinquent with the ability to transform into a freezing cold floor. He can use this power to slip under doors, or incapacitate enemies by freezing them to the spot. Bad Guy.
The Doorman, now deceased, was a crimefighter with few equals. Possesed of the ability to mentally manipulate doors, call forth a wooden door from nothingness, and telekinetically controll it, he was a combat machine with the heart of a teddy bear. He is sorely missed.
Scott Winters, optometrist by day, crimefighter by rest of the day. With the power to project a myriad of beams from his cyclopean eye (sunburn vision, laser vision, force vision, x-rays, etc.) and a muscular physique he is a combat machine. He also enjoys long walks on the beach and gummy bears.
Christina Winters (Eye Guy's sister), was a not-so-mild mannered accountant until an accident in a burning building turned her into Firebomb, pyrokinetic extraordinare. Don't tell her her hair is off. She may fry you.
Gauntlet, ex-military engineer, designed the Gauntlet Armor with the help of top-secret Avro Arrow technology and a group of like-minded military engineers. He's gruff, he's irritable, and has poor people skills. You know you love him.
Agent Kendricks works for AVS international, a neo-government organization with a large amount of power in many different circles. His particular job is unknown, but whatever it is it involves packing a pistol.
Max, the abstruse detective with mysterious motives helps the wholesome heroes of the planet through means unknown. He is the keeper of unparalleled detective skill and infiltration technique.
Nepthys, able to manipulate probability itself, uses her power to irritate people. Little is known about this irksome hero.
The Nerd is a technological genius with horrible aim and even worse social skills. He aims to take over the world so that people will stop picking on him. Perhaps when he moves out of his momma's basement, he'll get somewhere. Bad guy!
The Puce Witch is as vilely evil as she is puce. Able to make a person's very brain itch (which is quite a feat considering that A- you can't scratch that and B- there's no nerves on your brain.), she uses this power to further her evil goals of making herself more beautiful. Yea, she's an odd one.
A race of war-obsessed conquerers with lizardlike features. Their societal structure is such that the better the fighter, the higher in rank and more privelages the Runaairii gets. At the highest rank, that of a Slayer, the Runaairii is given a symbiotic organism, the Silvoid. This shapeshifting creature bonds to the Runaairii's nervous system, enabling the creature to form anything it can imagine, albiet it must be attached to the Runaairii somehow. Most Slayers create armor and a pair of scythe-like blades on thier arms. They are extreemly dangerous.
The Squid, ADD afflicted superspeed hero extraordinare. With four arms and an attention span of four seconds, this bumbling hero fights crime becuase he "Just needed something to do." In any event, he hangs around with Cap Fab because that tends to keep him out of trouble. Well... somewhat.
The Sleeper is a timid and quiet superhero, more prone to discussion and rationalization than violence. She doesn't fit in well in the superhero crowd 'cause of that. Whenever trouble sparks, however, she's the first to put you to sleep. No, seriously.
Spirit can be hard to find in a crowd, mainly because he can turn invisible. Of course, if he start's lifting trucks, you'll probably find him. He likes kittens. No, he reeeeealy likes kittens. A lot.
The Pickler is... well he's a pickle. A big, floating, pickle with a speach impediment. He can turn anything into a pickle, or a group of pickles. Wheter or not he can turn them back is as yet unknown.
Thunder Bruce was once an average, everyday electritian, untill he was struck with a fatal shock from a dryer he was working on in a hospital. Legally dead for almost four full minutes, when he was recusitated the hospital power grid went offline for an instant. His power over static electricity is unmatched by any human alive.
Volition is a mind-reading master, who is secretley a psychiatrist. His analytical, careful mind is a boon when he deals with his hobby, cooking, and when he deals with his pet poodle. He's an odd one too. Come to think of it, they're all odd ones...

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